SARscene 2012 Trade Show- Toronto

CESTA Inc. will be attending the SARscene 2012 trade show in Toronto November 17-19, 2012. Be sure to visit our booth to see the newest products from quality manufacturers including Reach and Rescue, SALUS Marine Wear, Petzl, Haix, NRS and others. Our display will be featuring the newest innovative technical water and rope rescue products.

If you haven’t booked yet – you’d better!

Be sure to stop by our booth, say hello and ask us the tough questions for straight answers.

Be sure to visit the SARscene website for more information.

CESTA Partners with PS5 as Authorized Distributor for ResQHook

The story of the knife that saves lives!

Steve Collins, the creator of the ResQHook, has been a professional designer and writer for almost 50 years. He is an internationally acclaimed teacher of close-quarter personal protection, and an acknowledged authority on the design of weapons and how they can be disguised, concealed and deployed.
Over the years he has been exposed to almost every type of knife and edged weapon as well as the horrific reality of knives being used as instrument to inflict injury or death.

Steve wanted to create a new type of knife. A knife that had one purpose, and one purpose only…to save lives.
The initial curved lines of the ResQHook were scribbled out on the back of a table napkin by Steve with a group of military friends in a hotel bar in Manchester.
Those first scrawls, dashed off with a cheap ball point pen, saw the beginning of a hard, but extremely fulfilling, journey. The task Steve undertook was to design a rescue tool that was superior to anything else available on the market. This new implement would have to be small and light enough to use effectively with one hand and boast such an incredibly sharp blade it would be capable of quickly and effortlessly cutting through almost any material of any thickness, such as webbing, netting, heavy duty rope, nylon lines, Para cord, leather, rubber, electrical flex and clothing. The design needed to be able to deal with virtually any and all situations where emergency and rescue teams needed to release either themselves or a victim from an entanglement, restraint or ligature, and all without any risk of cutting themselves or anyone else.
Steve also recognized that it would have to be manufactured in such a way as to be virtually indestructible, as his concept also required the tool to be capable of breaking glass and, in extreme emergencies, utilized as a grapple strong enough to haul and tow an object, vehicle or person away from danger.

The very first three dimensional ResQHook™, or ‘THE HOOK’ as it was originally called, was cut out of cardboard and was rudimentary to say the least. However, it wasn’t long before Steve had a couple of prototypes forged from steel. There was even a folding version produced, but this was quickly rejected on the grounds of its weak construction and that it was too slow to deploy to action effectively. These first prototype models were crafted in Sheffield by two brothers, Ron and Roy Middleton.They were both over 70 years old and still making knives in the traditional age old manner handed down to them through their family. The brothers were able to trace their Middleton blade making lineage back more than 200 years. After a period of fine-tuning and refining, the first small production run was completed by the Middletons in 1996.

Her Majesty’s Prison Service was the first organization to purchase ResQHooks™; the tool was issued as a ligature cutter to all Control and Restraint instructors at the HMP C&R National Training Centre. A close second to HMP were Kenyon International Emergency Services. Since 1929 the name Kenyon has been synonymous with the recovery of the victims of major disasters worldwide…

…Another well known name, ‘Courtaulds Aerospace’, added the ResQHook™ to their Special Forces rapid deployment ‘Integrated Protection System’. Also the ResQHook™ was introduced to the Japanese emergency services by Western Link Inc.

From a scribble on a table napkin to a cardboard cutout, the real thing was “now in service.”

Click here for more information on the PS5 ResQHook.

Haix Ontario Repair Centre- Put to the Test!

Haix President and Master Cobbler Ewald Haimerl visited the Haix authorized repair centre in Barrie, Ontario in October. He met with Fix-em-Up owner Corey Hitz who is personally responsible for all Haix repairs according to Haix’s OEM specifications and requirements.

The visit consisted of a verification of repair and warranty repair processes and a review of the equipment in place. Fix-em-Up has been the Haix authorized repair centre for Eastern Canada for the last 3 years. Albeit, Corey Hiltz admits “there have been few repairs because Haix products are so well built.” Haix President Haimerl trained Mr. Hiltz on some new techniques and provided key tips on how to perform repairs according to Haix OEM standards and techniques. The photos below show some of the testing of the adhesive bond on the most vulnerable parts of a resoled boot.

Fix-em-up recently moved into a larger space in order to grow in conjunction with Haix’s growth in Eastern Canada.

President Haimerl was pleased to give two thumbs up and a high passing grade to Fix-em-Up Shoe Repair! Congratulation Corey!

Haix® has a new look – new logo!

HAIX®, a leading manufacturer of innovative and high quality fire fighting, rescue, law enforcement, hunting, and forestry footwear introduces an all new look to their North American market. With the new look debuting at FDIC 2012 in Indianapolis, HAIX® is restructuring its whole presence.

Since the previous appearance with two logos repeatedly caused confusion among customers regarding exact brand identification, the two company symbols have been combined to from one common logo. The name HAIX®, was once composed by the founder of the company, Xaver Haimerl, from the first three letters of his surname, to which he added the first letter of first name. “Our absolute focus is on the globally unified image of our companies within the group,” says Ewald Haimerl, head of the Bavarian professional shoe manufacturer.

The simultaneously developed, long-term umbrella brand strategy should guarantee brand recognition for decades and beyond, and provide continued healthy and profitable growth. These activities are regarded as a crucial step for the company and will set a decisive course for the HAIX® brand. With new planned product lines and creative further development of the existing sectors, growth is expected to continue in the double digit percentage range, as in past financial years.

Life is defined by change. It is not only in this regard that HAIX® has always been an exceptionally spirited company. The company motto given by Ewald Haimerl, “Visions Shape Reality”, will keep HAIX on the cutting edge of technology and innovation far into the future.

FireCon 2012 – Thunder Bay, Ontario

On Thursday September 13-14th, 2012 CESTA attended the FireCon Trade Show in Thunder Bay. This was our first year at this show and we were not disappointed! If you have never been to this show there is nothing like northern hospitality! Highlights of the trip included the spectacular scenery on the drive north of Lake Superior, hearty breakfasts at Hoito, and clients coming to the booth and asking questions about product use and discussing applications in their response area.

A big thank you goes out to organizer Gary Gazankas for his kindness and hospitality!

CESTA booth displayed products from Haix, Petzl, Salus, Bullex, Haix, Reach and Rescue, Mustang, Esprit Ropes, NRS, Firetech and International Stretcher Systems.

We look forward to attending the show again in 2013!

Wellington Dufferin Mutual Aid Trade Show – September 11, 2012

On Tuesday September 11th, 2012 CESTA attended the Wellington Dufferin Mutual Aid Association Trade Show in Erin. CESTA has been at this show every year since 2004.

Our booth focused on our water and rope rescue products at the show this year and particular interest was shown in our mobile training trailer designed specifically to train firefighters on the Petzl EXO personal escape system. Ian Neve from Petzl attended to help demonstrate the benefits of the Petzl EXO.

Ian Neve from Petzl demonstrates a pick off rescue of a Bullex 110 pound Smart Dummy on CESTA's training trailer

It is always good to see new faces at our booth as well as have the opportunity to visit with many of our regular customers who stop by to see new products in action.

If you are within a 2 hour drive of Erin and have not been to this show before- plan to stop in next year as it is well worth stopping by!

CESTA Res-Q-Jack Authorized Dealer for Ontario

We’ve missed working with Res-Q-Jack for the last few years but now it is simple to say- we are glad to be back! From 2009-2012 sales agreements prevented CESTA from representing Res-Q-Jack as a distributor in Ontario. Chris Pettinger was at the first Stab U in Elmira, NY in 2004 and was back in September 2012 to learn new techniques and polish up on standard ones.

The list of Ontario Res-Q-Jack users is a veritable who’s who of fire departments that Chris sold Res-Q-Jack to from 2003 until 2009 while providing delivery and delivery training while working for another company. Demand from existing end users to book in-service and refresher training continued during the hiatus and CESTA was happy to oblige and train with old friends and colleagues.

Why choose Res-Q-Jack?

    Versatility – Our tools are designed with maximum utility in mind. All pieces, including bases, ends, and extensions, are interchangeable, adjustable and/or removable.

    Pre-Attached Straps – Quick-acting cambuckle straps are pre-attached to
    the bases so they are always there and can’t “walk” away. These two straps are attached for extra flexibility with the option to attach ratchet straps.

    Powerful Jack – The jack stands incorporate a powerful, smooth acting
    jack that will accomplish fine-tuning of the stabilization with no jumping! The jack has 12″ of travel to overcome problems with soft
    ground. This jack redefines “lift an inch, crib an inch.” You can follow
    your lift bags all the way! Jack doubles as a telescopic ram and lifting

    Create a short stand from a long stand. No need to buy multiple stands. All pieces come apart without hassle. Simply substitute long extensions with short extensions, or you can even cut long extensions on site with a reciprocating saw.

    Look at who else is using Res-Q-Jack® tools, and more importantly listen to what they say.

    We’re Number 1 in the World! Our equipment helped the Coral Gables Rescue Team take 1st place in the 2001 World Extrication Competition in South Africa.

    Strength – We use only 2-1/4″ and 2″ square steel tubing on our standard RJ3 extension pieces.

    Unbeatable Techniques – We developed the Res-Q-Jack® 3-point technique for stabilizing side-resting cars, and most recently, the Res-Q-Jack™ Universal Roof-Resting Technique. These efficient methods are drastically improving performance at the vehicle rescue scene.

    Knowledge – We actually know the physics and the engineering behind the problem!

      ResQJack Roof Resting StabilizationResQJack Side Resting Stabilization

      Raising the bar CAR above the competition!

      Contact CESTA by clicking here to get information from our Res-Q-Jack experts for solutions for your organization.

      Water Rescue Suit Care and Maintenance Tip

      Let face it- suits for water/ice rescue operations are expensive and it is important to extend their service life as long as possible without comprimising safety. We have had an unusual number of calls recently about zippers jumping teeth, pinhole leaks in suit gaskets and zippers leaking. We know how uncomfortable it is to be wet and cold.

      It is no secret training and rescue operations are hard on gear and we can only keep equipment operational while we can maintain confidence in its performance.

      Our family are avid whitewater kayakers and our drysuits take a lot of abuse and one trick we have learned to extend the service life of our recreational suits is to treat the zippers and gaskets with 303 Aerospace Protectant. It is easy to use and effective at keeping zippers from leaking, gaskets from developing pinhole leaks and from zippers from jumping teeth.

      There are wax/silicone products on the market as well but we’ve never been impressed with the residue build up or the dirt that the wax gathers and holds.

      303 Protectant is available in 2 oz and 8 oz spray bottle. The 2 oz is great for your own suit while the 8 oz bottle is enough to treat a dozen suits.

      Spray on, wipe off. This product is non-toxic and biodegradeable.

      It is easy and safe. Treat your gear at least once at the beginning of the season and once at the end of the season. For best results apply after each use when your gear has finished drying.

      In stock, ready to ship.

      • Easy to use – just spray on and wipe dry!
      • This is an environmentally safe product that is non-toxic and biodegradable.

      Sarnia Fire Rescue Services Choose Haix Fire Hero Xtreme

      Sarnia Fire Rescue Services began a wear trial in Spring 2009 by firefighters on the floor of several models supplied by various manufacturers. CESTA presented Haix Fire Hunter Xtreme bunker style boots for the evaluation process.

      In Spring 2011 CESTA met with Sarnia stakeholder to present the new Haix Fire Hero Xtreme that had just been released at FDIC. With a new boot on the market with superior certified slip resistance- the choice was clear. Sarnia wanted the best and chose the Fire Hero Xtreme to be their new structural firefighting boot.

      The factors which were key in the selection of the Fire Hero Xtreme by the union and management were comfort, quality, durability and the ability to have the boots repaired at the Haix authorized repair center in Barrie, Ontario.

      Sarnia also chose the Haix Airpower R1 as their new station wear duty boot. Having one supplier for upgrading their footwear program for station wear and structural firefighting boots was convenient as well. CESTA brought in our mobile boot fitting trailer to Sarnia Fire HQ and put boots on firefighters feet to ensure proper fit during regular shifts.

      Deliveries from CESTAs stocking warehouse began immediately following fitting.

      The Sarnia Fire Rescue Services consists of 131 professionals who serve the residents of the City of Sarnia by providing Fire Prevention, Public Education and Fire Suppression Services. They operate out of five stations covering an area of 65 square miles (168 square kilometres) and over 72,000 residents.  The services provided range from fire suppression and prevention, land-based water rescue, high-angle, confined space, specialized vehicle extrication and industrial firefighting.

      Thank you to Fire Chief Pat Cayen and Deputy Chief Dana Pitts for the opportunity to work closely with your crews at Sarnia Fire Rescue Services. We feel privileged to have to have met them all.

      Ontario Association of Fire Chief’s Trade Show May 6-7, 2012

      CESTA Inc. will be attending the Ontario Association of Fire Chief’s Trade Show May 6-7, 2012. We will post our booth numbers and information on our affiliated partners attending as more information becomes available.

      Please check our Special Offer page before the show to see the show promotions we will be running. Special pricing will be offered for Haix boots ordered at the trade show so be sure to stop by our booth and take advantage of the limited time offer!