CESTA Partners with PS5 as Authorized Distributor for ResQHook

The story of the knife that saves lives!

Steve Collins, the creator of the ResQHook, has been a professional designer and writer for almost 50 years. He is an internationally acclaimed teacher of close-quarter personal protection, and an acknowledged authority on the design of weapons and how they can be disguised, concealed and deployed.
Over the years he has been exposed to almost every type of knife and edged weapon as well as the horrific reality of knives being used as instrument to inflict injury or death.

Steve wanted to create a new type of knife. A knife that had one purpose, and one purpose only…to save lives.
The initial curved lines of the ResQHook were scribbled out on the back of a table napkin by Steve with a group of military friends in a hotel bar in Manchester.
Those first scrawls, dashed off with a cheap ball point pen, saw the beginning of a hard, but extremely fulfilling, journey. The task Steve undertook was to design a rescue tool that was superior to anything else available on the market. This new implement would have to be small and light enough to use effectively with one hand and boast such an incredibly sharp blade it would be capable of quickly and effortlessly cutting through almost any material of any thickness, such as webbing, netting, heavy duty rope, nylon lines, Para cord, leather, rubber, electrical flex and clothing. The design needed to be able to deal with virtually any and all situations where emergency and rescue teams needed to release either themselves or a victim from an entanglement, restraint or ligature, and all without any risk of cutting themselves or anyone else.
Steve also recognized that it would have to be manufactured in such a way as to be virtually indestructible, as his concept also required the tool to be capable of breaking glass and, in extreme emergencies, utilized as a grapple strong enough to haul and tow an object, vehicle or person away from danger.

The very first three dimensional ResQHook™, or ‘THE HOOK’ as it was originally called, was cut out of cardboard and was rudimentary to say the least. However, it wasn’t long before Steve had a couple of prototypes forged from steel. There was even a folding version produced, but this was quickly rejected on the grounds of its weak construction and that it was too slow to deploy to action effectively. These first prototype models were crafted in Sheffield by two brothers, Ron and Roy Middleton.They were both over 70 years old and still making knives in the traditional age old manner handed down to them through their family. The brothers were able to trace their Middleton blade making lineage back more than 200 years. After a period of fine-tuning and refining, the first small production run was completed by the Middletons in 1996.

Her Majesty’s Prison Service was the first organization to purchase ResQHooks™; the tool was issued as a ligature cutter to all Control and Restraint instructors at the HMP C&R National Training Centre. A close second to HMP were Kenyon International Emergency Services. Since 1929 the name Kenyon has been synonymous with the recovery of the victims of major disasters worldwide…

…Another well known name, ‘Courtaulds Aerospace’, added the ResQHook™ to their Special Forces rapid deployment ‘Integrated Protection System’. Also the ResQHook™ was introduced to the Japanese emergency services by Western Link Inc.

From a scribble on a table napkin to a cardboard cutout, the real thing was “now in service.”

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