Haix Ontario Repair Centre- Put to the Test!

Haix President and Master Cobbler Ewald Haimerl visited the Haix authorized repair centre in Barrie, Ontario in October. He met with Fix-em-Up owner Corey Hitz who is personally responsible for all Haix repairs according to Haix’s OEM specifications and requirements.

The visit consisted of a verification of repair and warranty repair processes and a review of the equipment in place. Fix-em-Up has been the Haix authorized repair centre for Eastern Canada for the last 3 years. Albeit, Corey Hiltz admits “there have been few repairs because Haix products are so well built.” Haix President Haimerl trained Mr. Hiltz on some new techniques and provided key tips on how to perform repairs according to Haix OEM standards and techniques. The photos below show some of the testing of the adhesive bond on the most vulnerable parts of a resoled boot.

Fix-em-up recently moved into a larger space in order to grow in conjunction with Haix’s growth in Eastern Canada.

President Haimerl was pleased to give two thumbs up and a high passing grade to Fix-em-Up Shoe Repair! Congratulation Corey!

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