OPFFA Patrick J. Defazio Health & Safety Seminar 2012

CESTA will be attending the OPFFA Patrick J. Defazio Health & Safety Seminar 2012 Trade show held on Tuesday February 7th, 2012 at the Delta Chelsea hotel in Downtown Toronto. The show takes place between 12pm and runs until 1930 hours.

Our focus will be on Haix Footwear for Professionals and Petzl’s EXO Emergency Self Rescue System.

FDNY Black Sunday

On January 23, 2005, two FDNY firefighter died, and four firefighters were injured during a three alarm fire in a four story apartment building. The victims and injured fire fighters were performing a primary search for occupants on the floor above the fire. The fire started in a third floor apartment and rapidly extended to the fourth floor. Fire fighters had been on the scene less than 30 minutes when they became trapped by the advancing fire and were forced to exit through the fourth floor windows.  Lt. Joseph DiBernardo, who survived the fall after he selflessly lowered his brother Jeffery Cool out of a window opening and part way down the side of the building recently passed away at his home on November 22, 2011.
Although this event occurred seven years ago, it can be considered a recent event in the fire service historical time line. Down the road, it will prove to be as pivotal an event as the Bret Tarver LODD in Phoenix in 2001 which resulted in a more sophisticated understanding of fire ground operations including air management and the development of Firefighter Survival and RIT programs. Change is inevitable and underway. Some would say,  all too slowly.
The questions these 6 firefighters faced are ones we never hope to have to ask ourselves.  Do I stay where I am and die? Or ,do I jump and hope for the best? It is human nature. We all know we have our personal unspoken hopes and plans in the event of a call going really wrong. These anxieties are rarely shared but we all know they exist.  FDNY chose to specifically address head on the anxiety surrounding the two previous questions following the release of the NIOSH FACE report #200503. There had been issues at FDNY in regards to personal escape ropes for sometime prior to Black Sunday. While there were 9 recommendations in the FACE report, one of the key recommendations was to “provide fire fighters with the appropriate safety equipment, such as escape ropes, and associated training in jurisdictions where high-rise fires are likely.” To that end , and with a lack of practical and functional Personal Escape Systems readily available in the marketplace, FDNY approached Petzl, a leading manufacturer with an extensive history and depth in R&D in the in rope rescue,  rope access, and mountaineering fields, to develop a PES. The result is the Petzl EXO. © Chris Pettinger 2012

For more information on the Petzl EXO click here.

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