CESTA Res-Q-Jack Authorized Dealer for Ontario

We’ve missed working with Res-Q-Jack for the last few years but now it is simple to say- we are glad to be back! From 2009-2012 sales agreements prevented CESTA from representing Res-Q-Jack as a distributor in Ontario. Chris Pettinger was at the first Stab U in Elmira, NY in 2004 and was back in September 2012 to learn new techniques and polish up on standard ones.

The list of Ontario Res-Q-Jack users is a veritable who’s who of fire departments that Chris sold Res-Q-Jack to from 2003 until 2009 while providing delivery and delivery training while working for another company. Demand from existing end users to book in-service and refresher training continued during the hiatus and CESTA was happy to oblige and train with old friends and colleagues.

Why choose Res-Q-Jack?

    Versatility – Our tools are designed with maximum utility in mind. All pieces, including bases, ends, and extensions, are interchangeable, adjustable and/or removable.

    Pre-Attached Straps – Quick-acting cambuckle straps are pre-attached to
    the bases so they are always there and can’t “walk” away. These two straps are attached for extra flexibility with the option to attach ratchet straps.

    Powerful Jack – The jack stands incorporate a powerful, smooth acting
    jack that will accomplish fine-tuning of the stabilization with no jumping! The jack has 12″ of travel to overcome problems with soft
    ground. This jack redefines “lift an inch, crib an inch.” You can follow
    your lift bags all the way! Jack doubles as a telescopic ram and lifting

    Create a short stand from a long stand. No need to buy multiple stands. All pieces come apart without hassle. Simply substitute long extensions with short extensions, or you can even cut long extensions on site with a reciprocating saw.

    Look at who else is using Res-Q-Jack® tools, and more importantly listen to what they say.

    We’re Number 1 in the World! Our equipment helped the Coral Gables Rescue Team take 1st place in the 2001 World Extrication Competition in South Africa.

    Strength – We use only 2-1/4″ and 2″ square steel tubing on our standard RJ3 extension pieces.

    Unbeatable Techniques – We developed the Res-Q-Jack® 3-point technique for stabilizing side-resting cars, and most recently, the Res-Q-Jack™ Universal Roof-Resting Technique. These efficient methods are drastically improving performance at the vehicle rescue scene.

    Knowledge – We actually know the physics and the engineering behind the problem!

      ResQJack Roof Resting StabilizationResQJack Side Resting Stabilization

      Raising the bar CAR above the competition!

      Contact CESTA by clicking here to get information from our Res-Q-Jack experts for solutions for your organization.

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