Reach and Rescue Telescopic Rescue Poles

Reach and Rescue Telescopic Rescue Poles

Putting “REACH” where it belongs.

Talk, REACH, Throw, Row, Go !

The Reach and Rescue Telescopic Rescue Poles are a high quality product featuring lightweight and durable telescoping carbon fiber tubing suited to the rapid deployment needs of personnel conducting shore based “reach” rescue evolutions of victims in water, mud, or ice rescue situations.

The primary function of the Reach and Rescue Long Reach Telescopic Pole Kit is to accurately deploy a flotation/rescue device to a victim in the shortest time possible while enabling the operator(s) to maintain a safe distance from the hazard while effecting rescue.

The direct method of administering aid using the Reach and Rescue pole is safer, faster and more accurate than existing “Reach, Throw, and Go” procedures.

The pole kit is stored in a bag on the fire truck or near the hazard area. A flotation buoy is quickly secured to the first section of pole to float the end to the victim accurately while also providing additional buoyancy for the victim. Rescuers select an accessory attachment end for the type of incident and they attach it to the pole using the snap-on locking head fitting.

Select the accessories that best suit your needs:

* Mesh accessories kit bag
* Clamping float
* Flotation collar
* Crook/shepherds hook
* Grapple
* Soft Snare
* Pro Spring Snare for animal rescue
* Pole storage bag
* Black and white water proof under water camera search kit with LED lighting
* Color under water camera search kit with LED lighting
* Police/Military stealth tactical assault 55′ ladder and edge grapple

The water proof camera kits are ideal for underwater search and recovery operations from on board a vessel where fast deployment searches are essential.

A quick connect detachable carabiner (Carago) is available to facilitate rescue at heights of suspended victims in harnesses making the Reach and Rescue Pole Kits a versatile multipurpose piece of rescue equipment.

The rescuer points the pole toward the victim and releases the 1st clamp on the 1st section, extending the section and closes the clamps repeating with the other telescoping sections until desired distance is achieved up to a maximum of 55 feet (17m). Shorter lengths of poles and pole kits are available as well.

The pole is retracted conducting the operation in reverse order. Another method of victim retrieval is done by hauling the pole inward without collapsing the telescoping sections. In moving water, the pole can be used in a pivoting manner with the natural flow of the current to maneuver the victim toward safety.
Features and Benefits

* Complete extension to rescue in seconds
* Extends from 6ft to 55ft and all lengths in between
* High accuracy of deployment of flotation & retrieval devices to victim
* High visibility end section enables victim to easily see life saving device
* Large selection of flotation & retrieval attachments available in kits or individually
* Poles can be tailored to your individual needs
* Deploys readily from shore side or vessels
* Very low maintenance requirements
* Use in all weather conditions
* Fail safe rope ensures pole sections remain intact
* Easy one or two person operation
* Increases rescuer safety significantly when performing animal rescues
* Makes inflating a hose line to assist in rescue obsolete

* Kits available in 3 sizes- 30ft(9m), 43′(13M), and 55ft(17m) * Precision engineered snap/lock-on head assembly * Poles made from carbon fibre * Strong quick release adjustable clamp * High visibility end section * Stored in quick access bag * Extremely low maintenance * Buoyancy aid attachment * Fail safe center line rope ensures telescopic pole integrity * Easy and fast one or two person operation