Res-Q-Jack Vehicle Stabilization

Res-Q-Jack® is the manufacturer of choice for lifting struts, stabilization struts, extrication struts, rescue struts, and more. If you are looking for a rescue strut kit for vehicle extrication lifting and stabilization- Res-Q-Jack is the original!

Res-Q-Jack’s engineered lifting & stabilization technology and techniques are unmatched. Wheel resting, side-resting, roof-resting, or vehicles on top of other vehicles – Res-Q-Jack is the right choice.

Finally, our applications go far beyond vehicle extrication to include confined space, forcible entry, light aircraft, collapse shoring, farm rescue, overhead door support, and more. Speed, simplicity, and versatility are the name of the game.

When the choice of strut matters, Res-Q-Jack® is it.

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